Pharma Group is a valuable partner to pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, domestic and global. We provide a full range of services within the scope of the pharma industry, assisting and supporting clients in meeting their business goals.

Our capabilities

We are distinguished by a unique set of capabilities, chief being a large-scale network of professionals passionate about furthering the development and enhancement of the Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical sector. Pharma Group comprises of business leaders, seasoned pharmaceutical professionals, marketing and sales specialists, pharmacists and knowledgeable industry personnel whose expertise has been fundamental to both the success of our company and the realization of client goals.

Pharma Group is a one-stop shop for agent, marketing, warehousing, contract manufacturing, packaging, and cGMP and SFDA consulting and training. We provide assistance at critical junctures that ultimately get your product to market, right from development and manufacturing to audience research and branding.

A partner of choice

The Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical market has flourished by leaps and bounds in recent years. A slew of positive developments has resulted in today’s billion dollar market that enjoys a steady year-on-year growth. Among these trends are the government’s new healthcare regulations, an increasing interest in medical tourism, the growth of clinics and ambulatory centers, technological advancements, and a greater investment in health awareness and lifestyle change programs.

Saudi Arabia is also widely considered as the ideal location for pharmaceutical companies interested in exploring the Middle East market. Combine this with the overall ease of doing business, immense fiscal freedom and a rewarding tax system, and it’s no surprise that the Kingdom is a lucrative destination for global pharma companies.

Pharma Group is the preferred partner for local and global companies looking to maximize their investment and ride the wave of development, demand and possibilities in the Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical market.

Who We Are

Pharma Group is a dynamic group of highly specialized companies delivering quality services to domestic and international clients. We can provide one or more services that help you save your resources, keep costs low and operations lean, and benefit from quality and agility.

Pharma Group was started with the mission to facilitate the delivery of outstanding pharmaceutical products through a partnership model. Our clients are big, small and virtual firms in the pharmaceutical space. We are dedicated to providing client-focused solutions that adhere to strict quality control standards across the spectrum of every service we provide, from marketing and contract manufacturing to packaging and regulatory compliance support. Pharma Group abides by the industry code of ethics and follows the guidelines for professional conduct. Integrity, discipline and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our business. We go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and work dedicatedly towards the betterment of the Saudi Arabian pharmaceutical market.



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